1 – São Julião Beach, in Mafra FIND ROUTE
45 km from Lisbon, São Julião beach is right at the end of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. Just a short walk from Ericeira, where you can always enjoy a good lunch and get to know the center
2 – Praia do Magoito, in SintraFIND ROUTE
In the heart of Sintra, Magoito feels like a wild beach. Despite being very beautiful, we advise that the waters are cold! For those who enjoy calm and natural beauty, just 40 km from the city.

3 – Praia da Ursa, in SintraFIND ROUTE
Close to Praia da Adraga, Praia da Ursa is a somewhat hidden place. It is known by everyone, but it does not suffer from the seasonal floods of the summer. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (Michelin Guide) and is the westernmost beach in Europe!

4 – Praia da Adraga, in SintraFIND ROUTE
The last of Sintra’s beaches, is in the middle of the rocks (it has sand, don’t worry), and has a stunning landscape. If you happen to go to the beach on the 3rd Sunday of the month, don’t forget to stop by the Almoçageme market, which is one of the accesses to the beach.

5 – Praia do Abano, in GuinchoFIND ROUTE
Everyone knows Guincho beach well, but what about Abano beach? It’s a micro beach hidden in the grandeur of Guincho, but with exactly the same qualities, and only 33 km from Lisbon!

6 – Portinho da Arrábida, in SetúbalFIND ROUTE
Now, we talk about warmer waters and that Thai beach air. Portinho da Arrábida is the perfect junction between mountains and sea! In the middle of Arrábida Natural Park (Portugal is full of Natural Parks), it is 46 km from Lisbon, and is a beautiful walk for any day of the week.

7 – Galapos Beach, in SetúbalFIND ROUTE
Or Galapa beach, right next to Portinho da Arrábida. Portinho has its charms, but in case of a busier day, Galapos is an excellent alternative. The same sea, the same sun, the same landscape.

8 – Ribeiro do Cavalo Beach, in SesimbraFIND ROUTE
40 km from the city and very close to Cape Espichel, the beach at Ribeiro do Cavalo is only becoming better known today. It’s a bit difficult to access (it’s for the adventurous!) but we have a payback when we get there. It’s one of the few beaches that don’t have a human hand, neither commerce nor ice cream stand.

Going to Tróia is in itself a worthwhile adventure. There are many ways to get there, but the most fun is to take the ferry boat that crosses the Sado river, in Setúbal. Tróia beach is one of the most beautiful in the country, and if we’re really lucky, we can see a dolphin passing by! It’s 50 km from Lisbon, that little bit further away, but it’s worth a lot.

10 – Fonte da Telha, in Costa da CaparicaFIND ROUTE
For those who want to escape the central confusion of Costa da Caparica, go further and reach Fonte da Telha. Infinite meters of sand just for us, and we only have a view of the Americas (far back, we can’t see very well). And above all, it is the closest option to Lisbon, just 25 km away.